Business Strategy

Our primary business objectives are to increase cash flow from operations from both our initial portfolio and our potential future acquisition and development opportunities, achieve sustainable long-term growth, and provide attractive risk-adjusted returns to holders of our CBFIs through stable distributions of our net taxable income, as determined by our Technical Committee, and its capital appreciation.

Business Model

  • Specialization in Business Hotels
  • Operates with leading Global Brand
  • Preference for Acquisitions over Developments
  • Intelligent Portfolio Growth

Growth Strategy

  • Business model focused on investing in value-added hotels in the select services segment.
  • Creation of a balanced portfolio.
  • Capitalize on the experience of our Hotel Operator’s senior management team.
  • Create value through selective acquisitions, renovation, repositioning, expansion and rebranding.
  • Increase the profitability of our initial portfolio; increasing occupancy & room rates and reduce operating costs.
  • Acquire properties that have the potential to increase value.
  • Seek attractive development opportunities in markets with high growth potential.
  • Establish presence in urban markets with high consumption levels and economic activity.

Competitive Advantages

  • Our hotels are located in attractive and high growth markets.
  • Our properties are recently-built (75% are less than 4 years old), they also comply with high quality and maintenance standards.
  • Fibra Inn has strong relationships with leading international franchisors.
  • We offer attractive options for business travelers and our franchisors have leading loyalty programs.
  • Technological platform supported by a world-class reservations and client service systems.

Investment Thesis and Highlights

  • Investment platform in high-quality hotels within a segment of relatively low volatility and attractive growth rates.
  • The wide recognition of our brands is a competitive advantage and allows us to charge a premium on our room rates.
  • Fibra Inn’s operating flexibility is focused on creating an efficient and scalable platform that results in high levels of satisfaction for our guests.
  • Our strategy is aimed at strengthening and growing our portfolio.
  • Focused on maximizing returns for our investors.
  • Management with proven experience and commitment.
  • Ability to generate attractive margins that are above market levels.
  • Solid capital structure with conservative financial policies.
  • Able to secure financing under favorable terms.
  • Debt / Assets below 50% in the first fiscal year.
  • Solid macroeconomic environment in Mexico.
  • Growing hotel industry with rates below the U.S., Canada and South America.